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A Key for Humanity
Rick Ireton

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Rick Ireton shares illustrated handbook about chakras

New book reveals the human spiritual design

Rick Ireton presents a discovery of three ancient symbols that interlink to form a diagram of the human spiritual design. Coupled with Hindu wisdom of the chakra system, this easy-to-understand hand book will open doors of spiritual sight formerly hidden from view.

ChakraKey will help you to:

  • See life with greater clarity
  • Unlock your greatest potential
  • Manifest your greatest dreams.
  • Discover your true nature as a spiritual being
  • Understand the nature of love

It is through understanding and awareness of our human spiritual design that we are able to manage our bodies, and live in the light of love as spiritual beings. Within the Guide, you will learn of your connection to Mother Nature, which you can see in the rainbow, hear in a scale of music, and feel within every cell of your body. We intuitively know that we are more than flesh and bones, yet up until now, we have lacked evidence of this connection. We now have evidence as clear as the colors within the rainbow.

Wisdom presented within the ChakraKey will set your life on a course of ever-expanding consciousness, which will bring you inner-power, confidence, resilience, and peace, knowing that you are on the path of love.

It is through understanding love, that we are able to love more.

Today – Love has taken a giant leap forward!

About the Author

Rick is a graduate from San Bernardino Valley College, a father, business man, inventor, spiritual seeker, and writer. For the past 19 years, Rick has served as Vice President of MGN Online, helping to grow the organization into the most widely-used news graphic companies in America. As an inventor he has developed wave machines for waterparks, and holds a patent for a brake system used in small wheel vehicles. In 2002 Rick discovered the significance of love and began a study that would later evolve into ChakraKey. In addition to MGN Online, Rick serves as President of the Love, Peace and Freedom Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit Foundation dedicated to building a more loving world through sharing spiritual truths as provided within the ChakraKey. Rick lives in Cardiff, CA.

What people are saying:

“I am in awe. I just love this book. Very inspiring and heartwarming. This book gave me a new realization about the importance of having equilibrium in mind, body & spirit. I am very inspired to seek a whole new level of my spiritual being. I am very uplifted after reading this masterpiece.” – Athira Clariz (Sarasota, USA)

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Color Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9891894-0-8
ChakraKey ©2012 -136 Pages
Suggested Retail Price:
Color paperback book $16.95
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