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About Rick

Rick has a passion for love. During the past 12 years, Rick has written several books on love; his latest book, the ChakraKey. His first book was a picture book called the “Virtues of Love”. Because “love is forever unfolding,” the virtues book turned into another book, and into another book, until finally, a study on the topic of the heart lead to researching chakras.

Rick discovered that by turning the seven-candle menorah 90° and placing it next to the 7 energetic points of the chakra system, the branches of the menorah provide what looks to be a map of the human bio-energy system. During this time, Rick found the crop circle image that was to become the ChakraVortex. The ChakraKey presents a convergence of ancient wisdom from the chakra system, the Hebrew menorah, and a recent symbol found as a crop circle.

The ChakraKey is a result of Rick’s lifelong passion to spread the message of love. This website is a work in progress. Please come back periodically to see what’s new.

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